Shanghai – The City of Tomorrow

Shanghai was the last stop on our two week tour of China. For those of our tour group who were extending their stay with Sinorama, the tour continued to Guilin (with its dramatic landscape, rice fields and rivers) and Hong Kong. However, I needed to get back to work, so this was the end of the road for our family group.

Central Shanghai is divided into the older eastern section and the fast-growing western section (known as Pudong) by the Huangpu River.

Shanghai, China

A little fruit market in eastern Shanghai.

Shanghai, China

A view of eastern (more typical) Shanghai, just across the river from the futuristic Pudong area.

Standing on the eastern bank of the river near an area known as the Bund, Pudong looks like the “City of Tomorrow” from a science fiction movie. It really is a stunning skyline, both during the day and at night.

Shanghai, China

The Pudong (central Shanghai) area with the Huangpu River in the foreground, as seen from the Bund.

Considering all that Shanghai has to offer, we really didn’t do much during our one day, but recognizing that it’s huge city to get around, I think we did what was realistic. Our tour company must have felt Shanghai was a good shopping opportunity, so it seems that giving us opportunities to spend our money was the main priority.

After visiting the Bund with its view of Pudong the first evening, we went to a silk shop the next day and then had time on the famous Nanjing road to walk among the endless array of big-brand stores and take a few pictures.

Nanjing Road, Shanghai, China

Nanjing Road, one of the world’s busiest shopping streets. The eastern end of this road runs right into the Huangpu River with its views of Pudong.

Pudong, Shanghai, China

The view of Pudong at the eastern end of the Nanjing Road.

That evening we attended an acrobat show, which was really fun. I’ve been to China on business a few times, and had wanted to attend one of these shows, but it seems the plan to attend never worked out. It’s difficult to capture the incredible acts in a quick photo, because you’re not quite sure what the next move will be. While this show is not as big budget or refined as Cirque du Soleil, the performances were good and I have great respect for the athletes and their extraordinary skills.

Acrobat show, Shanghai, China

Trampoline and balancing acts at the Acrobat show.

Acrobat Show, Shanghai, China

Another aerial exercise at the Acrobat show.

The next day we began our long trip home, filled with wonderful memories of a dynamic country with its amazing people, long and fascinating history and stunning landscape.

Overall Sinorama Tours was a great experience. Our guide, Jessie, was patient, funny, and always helpful.

Shanghai China3

Our tour guide, Jessie, with our family group.

As I mentioned in my last post, Sinorama Tours has gone out of business, but there are certainly many other options for a tour of this fast-changing country.