Locations in the US for a retreat vacation

Finding the Perfect Retreat

In this post our guest writer, Jesse Clark, provides ideas for a relaxing retreat-type of vacation. Her bio information is below. 

Holidays and year-end work and school projects can be overwhelming, so much so that if you can squeeze in a quick self-care retreat at the beginning of a new year, it can work wonders on your mental and emotional health. When you’re scouting out locations, consider places where you might ultimately like to buy a vacation home and “test drive” the city or state on your quest for relaxation. Today, The Independent Tourist offers some tips and resources to help you on your way.

Southern Arizona

There’s a real sense of calm in the desert, and visiting in January, February, or March offers beautifully temperate daytime temps in the mid-50s and 60s. It’s also “spring” in the desert, which makes for beautiful hikes at Camelback, Santan, or Four Peaks. While you can certainly commune with nature, if you’d like a more traditional wellness retreat, consider any one of the city’s 5-star hotels with award-winning spas, or a hidden gem like CIVANA in the aptly-named Carefree, AZ. Wellness packages include a variety of options, including healthy vegan meals, yoga and meditation, spiritual wellness consultations, and traditional spa treatments and amenities.

Southern California

If you’re in the mood for a wellness beach trip, San Diego is home to pristine beaches, seaside dining, and historic landmarks. It’s also home to a 600-acre Japanese-style mountain retreat, the Golden Door. A true zen experience includes an array of class offerings, hiking trails and labyrinths, traditional spa treatments and offerings, and one-on-one coaching from renowned clinicians and personal wellness experts. While you’re in SoCal, consider a visit to Malibu’s famed Ranch, an exclusive, immersive experience that includes specialized eating and fitness regimens, and personalized experiences.

A trip to California doesn’t have to be exclusively for gardens and spas. If you’re in Los Angeles, you can catch a Dodgers game in the afternoon or evening. Simply choose your price point and select from your choice of great seats at great prices.

Southern Colorado

If you prefer the smell of pines and mountain air, the Crestone Mountain Zen Center in San Luis Valley, Colorado may be the right fit for your rejuvenation needs. This real-life Zen Buddhist monastery offers truly personalized plans intended to be wholly transformative. If you’d rather explore the solitude of nature treks, consider hiking through the Great Sand Dunes National Park, or explore Mesa Verde National Park. While Colorado weather can vary during the winter months, it also offers opportunities for invigorating snow sports like skiing and snowboarding.

International Destinations

If you really want an opportunity to get out of your comfort zone and rest and recharge, Destination Deluxe recommends you consider an international trek. Explore the Bodhi Tree House in Costa Rica and find yourself at one with the jungle, or explore the mountains of Positano at Italy’s Dolce Vitality.  If you need a true detox, SHA Wellness Clinic in Alicante, Spain takes a holistic approach that includes stress and anxiety relief and unconventional therapies that are sure to please.

Taking a Permanent Vacation

You may very well fall in love with your wellness destination city and decide you’d like to take return trips on a regular basis. Buying a vacation property typically requires a 20% down payment, which can be steep for many homeowners. A home equity loan or second mortgage may be an option for making your vacay dreams become a reality. According to Bankrate, a mortgage lender can help you crunch your numbers, and a qualified real estate agent in your destination city of choice can help you find the perfect long-term retreat. You should also look into forming your own LLC if you’d like to get into the vacation rental business!

We all need an opportunity to rest, relax, and recharge, and having a vacation home in a beautiful city can be just what you need. You can likely rent out your property when it’s not in use, and be better suited to managing the stress of everyday life when you know you have a special escape that’s all your own.

Jesse Clark is a traveler, so she’s no stranger to experiencing wanderlust and that strong desire to travel. She’s already had enough experiences to last a lifetime, but she’s not stopping anytime soon. Find out more and contact her through soulful-travel.com. 

Featured image credit: Pixabay