Reducing Stress in Your Vacation

3 Ways to Optimize Your Self-Care Vacation

In this post our guest writer, Jesse Clark, provides some excellent tips on taking a vacation that takes care of you. Her bio information is below. 

Feeling stressed or overwhelmed by your everyday life? If so, then taking a self-care vacation may be your ticket to feeling calmer and more at ease. Planning a mental health-boosting escape is actually easier than you think — you just need the right tips and tricks to get you in the right headspace to relax and unwind. If you’re looking for more ideas to help you plan your self-care escape, then you need to read through these tips from The Independent Tourist.

Leave Work at Work

Being able to work from anywhere is one of the blessings of living and working in the modern day. It’s also one of the curses. If you’re one of those people who lives with this double-edged sword, and especially if you’re in a management role, think twice before allowing your work to stowaway on your vacation. Of course, you’ll want to complete necessary tasks before you take time off so nothing is lingering unfinished, but also do a metal check to not bring work-related concerns with you on vacation. It’s called “downtime” for a reason, so leave work at work, where it belongs.

Another tactic to increase your peace of mind is to automate some processes. You can automate any number of concerns these days, from payroll to social media outreach. Knowing that even while you’re vacationing it’s “business as usual” is a great way to ensure you are comfortable leaving work at work. 

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Get Out of Your Comfort Zone on Your Trip

Livening up your travels might mean something as simple as switching up your hair, but if you want even more of the empowering emotions that go along with doing something fresh, Develop Good Habits suggests booking a trip that really challenges your normal routine.

We tend to think that our routines and comfort zones protect and guide us, but those routines can also be limiting. When you get too caught up in feeling comfortable, you are more likely to feel fearful and anxious about trying new things, and about life’s inevitable changes. So, Nomadic Matt says to treat yourself to some ultimate self-care by facing your fears during your vacation!

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This could be as simple as getting onto an airplane for the very first time or planning something truly adventurous during your self-care vacation. You could swim with sharks in Hawaii or climb mountains in Colorado. Whether you stay in the States or travel abroad, there are endless options for testing your limits and conquering your fears. So, start small and then work your way up to more on your next trip.

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Relax, Unwind and Refresh While on Your Trip

If shark-diving and mountain-climbing sound way too stressful, know that you can always plan a more calming mental health break. If you are still looking to get away from your current location, you could always travel to one of the top wellness destinations in the country. Seaside towns such as Amelia Island in Florida or Wailea in Hawaii can provide the perfect environment to refresh your mind and recharge your senses. There are plenty of activities in these destinations to help you unwind, or suggests just spending your entire vacation relaxing by the ocean.

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If a pampered escape sounds more like your ultimate version of self-care, a spa trip could be your best bet for de-stressing. From a desert oasis in Palm Springs to a getaway in the heart of Oregon’s wine country, there’s truly a spa destination for everyone.

Stress doesn’t have to get you down, especially when it can be so simple to plan a self-care retreat to recharge and unwind. You can challenge your fears or calm your senses, but either way, your health and well-being are sure to improve when you make self-care a focus.

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